Published: 06 FEB 2022 | Updated: 09 FEB 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE | Thank you for taking the red pill. Follow me down the rabbit hole and learn the story behind Zapedski.

Zapedski came to existence on 9 February 2007 as a pseudonymous character in the virtual world of Second Life. Although it didn’t take more than a few days before the avatar – officially signed up as ‘S0cr4te5 Zapedzki’ – left the platform, it never left the mind of its creator. In fact it even got a name upgrade in 2011, with a small but significant spelling change, when the second ‘z’ became replaced by an ‘s’ for esthetical reasons. Prior to that ‘S0cr4te5’ had already been dropped, which made the current spelling the definite version.

A site is born
Until early 2015 the real life persona behind Zapedski had been using the name as an alias for already eight years on and off for various minor purposes. However the idea of a more defined project started to grow stronger and stronger. By June of that year realization followed and the project officially became an ambitious endeavor with the launch of a private and experimental website for personal and unreleased artwork.

Mixed Reality Artwork/Time Capture Medium
From the first internet activities until now, has gradually evolved from a tryout website into an organically growing Mixed Reality Artwork with the look and feel of an online magazine or newspaper. The content consists of regularly created physical and digital works. With this mixture Zapedski wants to blend the user’s real-world environment with the digital world in a way that allows both environments to coexist and interact.

Besides our own productions this channel also contains a collection of third party news publications on a variety of subjects, serving as reference sources for the Zapedski works.

Most of the Zapedski creations are based on timely topics or refer to a specific period and are therefore only current for a while. However, after being outdated all creations may be seen as timestamps, making also a kind of Time Capture Medium.

The next step
Fast forward to 2022. 15 years after the initial name registration, 7 years after the website launch and another few years of experimenting, developing and refining the Zapedski concept mainly in private, it’s time for a new step: to finally fully go public. Over the next twelve months we will be releasing original content, artworks, prints, NFTs and video content regularly and see what it will bring us.

We’re excited!

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