The Stress of Constantly Checking Your Phone

Checking Your Phone? You’re Not Alone, But You May Be Stressed By It.

Between texts, emails, an increasing array of social media options and other apps, most of us have smartphones now, and most of us are more tied to them than perhaps we should be. While it used to be considered rude to check your phone when out to dinner or otherwise engaged with people in real life, constant phone-checking has become more and more commonplace. According to a survey from the American Psychological Association (APA), however, this has been linked with stress.

The APA’s annual Stress in America survey was released in two parts in 2017, with the first section focusing on coping with change and the second installment focusing on the stress of technology and social media. There are several findings that are interesting and relevant to most of us. It is clear that technology and use of social media is affecting our stress levels, happiness, and wellbeing. One of the most salient findings is that many of us check our phones too often, and this is linked with higher levels of stress. Here are more details on this, and on other important aspects of the survey.

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