Playboys Clothed Cover Star Talks Feminism and Female Empowerment

Sarah McDaniel is the bright eyed model and star of Playboy cover star who everyone’s talking about.

Sarah McDaniel, with her pillowy lips and odd coloured eyes (one aquamarine and the other hazel) has the kind of beauty you don’t see often. A small town girl with big city dreams, Sarah found her fame through social media. From her sultry, sunlit selfies to images of her in a bikini, there’s something about her which is quite Lolita-esque; it’s this frisson between sex and innocence that’s at play on the new cover of Playboy magazine, of which Sarah is the first non nude star, since 1972.

Shot by Theo Wenner in the style of a Snapchat selfie, Sarah poses in some pants and an unbuttoned crop top, the kind of cute outfit that young girls wear to bed, eyes gazing at the camera, and lips slightly open, while the iconic text overlay that Snapchat has become known for provocatively reads “heyyy ;)”.

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