Screen slave: shocking statistics about phone addiction

Screen slave: shocking statistics about phone addiction

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TECH EFFECTS | Recent technological innovations have led to a proliferation of mobile and smartphones, which have become the cornerstone of modern societies in the 21st Century in terms of communication, notifications and entertainment. Latest research however suggests that with the advantages offered by mobile technologies, smartphone use today may have a significant impact on mental health and well being. Overuse has been associated with stress, anxiety, depression and addiction.

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Startling numbers
Some shocking statistics:
• the average person checks their cell phone over 100 times a day;
• 40 percent of people check their cellphones while using the bathroom;
• 1 in 10 people use their phones in the shower;
• 1 in 5 millennials admit to using their smartphones during sex;
• almost 60% of people check their phones before falling asleep.
• 26% of car accidents are caused by phone usage
• 75% of users admit that they have texted at once while driving.

Physical and psychological problems
The overuse of smartphone can lead to a series of problems. Studies have shown that, excessive smartphone use is associated with depression and anxiety disorders. In addition to psychological health, it has also been associated with physical health problems. For instance, due to small screen size, touch panel, and hand-holding, long time using smartphone increases the risk of ocular diseases, dysfunction of fingers, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal problems. Moreover, smartphone overuse also leads to dysfunctions in daily life, as it distracts people, distorts perception of time, and negatively effects productivity and interpersonal relationships.

Phone related accidents
Another adverse effect of smartphone overuse is accidents and injuries, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. Smartphone use leads to slowed reaction time and increased distraction, both of which are associated with accidents. It was reported that about a quarter of motor vehicle accidents were attributable to drivers using cell phones in the United States.

Last updated on: 24 April 2020


Phone Addict, 2017

Paint marker on cotton,
50 x 60 cm (19,7 x 23,6 inch)

IISHOO Art Agency


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