Did Kanye Really Offer an Australian Artist Thousands of Dollars to Paint Over That Mural?

Sydney street artist Scott Marsh experienced unexpected viral fame earlier this month when his mural of Kanye West making out with himself hit Reddit. The delicate and sensual portrait is painted on the wall of a wine and cheese shop in the quiet northwest suburb of Chippendale, and takes inspiration from a beloved 2015 meme.

It’s difficult to picture anyone responding to such a well-executed piece of Kanye West fan art in a negative way, but Marsh has been inundated with hate mail since. “It’s pretty funny,” he told VICE. “People saying how dare you try and extort Kanye. You know, not very intelligent people, who maybe can’t see that it’s meant to be a lighthearted joke.”

Some of the hate mail claimed to come from the management of Mr. West himself.

“I got an email the day after a picture of the mural went up on Reddit, from someone claiming to be his management offering me money to paint over it,” he said.

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Source: Vice.com