Artist Undoes Phototshop Work By Painting On Extra Pounds

It’s no secret that the images seen in every magazine have been photoshopped to make the already thin, gorgeous models even more conventionally beautiful. Istanbul-based artist Nur Gürel decided to take some of these doctored photos and do some alterations of her own. The thin models are transformed by Gürel to plus-sized beauties—not on the computer, but with oil paints directly on the canvases made of several magazine pages.

The series “Toy With Proportions” consists of these images, which went through what is affectionately called the “Fattening” by Gürel, and was created not only to mock the fashion industry for their lack of diverse body representation in advertising, but also inspire thought about what beauty is and how it affects body-image. Each piece takes several weeks, including the construction of the canvas which is dozens magazine pages thick. Gürel believes her work is no more altered than the photoshopped images consumers take in without a second thought—hers may just be a little more obvious.

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